Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Girl in the gym, on the treadmill watching Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason
Man on the next treadmill: What are you watching? Girls shouldn't watch such films! 
Girl on the treadmill: Why? It's such a cute movie! 
Man on the treadmill: But look at Bridget's weight! Girls ko yeh sab nahi seekhna chaahiye! 
Girl on the treadmill: Hmm. <should-I-kick-him-or-kiss-him-look>
So many levels of irony! 

There are some rare people in this world who can take your nice relaxed day and turn it into a nightmare full of violence and rage, with one small action or a 5 minute conversation. Such people need to reconsider why they're alive. 
Auto drivers in Mumbai often fall into this category. Someone else I know also falls into this category. But at least auto drivers are of some use. 

Thankfully, along with the bad surprises, there were some good surprises this weekend. The kind that I'm not going to forget for a while. After years of running away from all the mushy things, this year was a pleasant change :-)