Friday, July 29, 2011

Do you ever think you're being thought about?

Whenever the winds of change blow through our lives, we all resort to dealing in different ways. I've noticed when something particularly big is about to happen, we're very closed about it, not mentioning the impending fact to most people. This happens for a couple of reasons. First, we are not sure if it'll actually go through, so we don't want to sound like all-talk-no-action. Second, we are afraid of other people's reactions so we don't tell them because we are afraid of (sometimes scathing) criticism. But very often, we end up talking about it and confiding to the strangest set of people. These are: 

1. Your personal trainer! This is the guy who knows your exact weight, how your face looks when it's scrunched up in pain, when your periods start and other gross details, so why not bounce of your ideas and frustrations on him? He also doesn't know anything about your work or anyone else in your life. And gives beautiful advice which goes... "1-2-3 -- you know, Indian Mom's worry a lot, don't take tension... 8 - 9 - keep it up - 10.... I think it's pretty cute actually. I miss my Mom...  perfect Uttara, don't stop now - 5 - 4 - 3..." 

2. Your taxi driver(s). Now this is not one person. It is many people, all essentially the same. Pan-chewing, slightly smelly, old, balding and bearded who are dying to talk while they drive between the Queen's Necklace and MHADA for the 10th time in the day. And when you're stuck in traffic and ranting about life he will say something like... "क्या मैडम, सब लोग अन्दर ही आते हैं. मुंबई के बाहर कोई जाता ही नहीं! नशा है यह शेहेर"

3. Your receptionist/ assistant. She notices everything. Your comings and goings. Who you're talking to when you have to step out of the room to take a call. When you're looking frumpy on some mornings before you do some emergency make-up. When your eyes are swollen because you haven't had enough sleep last night. Which is the next vacation you are planning... she's your default confidant without you intending it to be so. I'm sure all assistants get together every now and then to exchange the juiciest pieces of gossip! 

4. Your Family Doctor. Again, this person is, by design, supposed to know everything about your life. And has the amazing knack of turning every problem into a medical problem that she can solve. My standard family doctor conversation goes as such... 
Doc:So, how is work? 
Me: Fine, goes well but it's pretty hectic 
Doc: Found a boyfriend yet?  
Me: No, not really. (WTF?!)  
Doc: You know, you need to loose the weight. I've just discovered this amazing machine/ hormone cream/ diet plan/ pills <insert appropriate fad> which can really help you! Also, you have to get xx, yy, zz tests done, Uttara. These could be problem areas... 
Me: Ok... (WTF?!!) but I'm feeling alright and I've joined the gym.. 
Doc: Yes, but you're not going to get a boyfriend *just* by going to the gym!!   
Me: (panic! I'm going to be alone for the rest of my life) ...yes, I'll set up an appointment with you - definitely. We'll solve this problem. (annnnddd exit, stage right) 

I guess there are many more such people floating around in your life. I often wonder though, if they will think about you later… and wonder how you're doing :) 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Traveling Pants

This was the first time I visited Bangalore in the last 7 years without going to college. Sure I met people from college, discussed college gossip and politics..but I did not cross the Majestic bridge and I think that signaled quite a big step in the "growing up" process. As I discussed this with a friend, she pointed out that there were many other big steps we were taking towards that - such as marrying other people, thus leading to the advent of  bachelorette parties. Like having epic noisy get-togethers along with husbands and significant others.

Obviously, this angle of the weekend made me feel old so I decided to revisit my bucket list. I've been keeping a  list on my phone for the past few months now (after a friend put up a similar list) and adding stuff to it whenever the thought strikes me. It made me take notice of a lot of things that I've wanted for a while but have not consciously made any effort to get. Two things struck me when I looked at the list today. One, that it was still rather short. And two, that I may not ever do some of these things because of various reasons, but at least I've got my eye on what I want at the end of the day! So here goes, my current list in no particular order...

1. Get a dog
2. Act in a film: as an extra even
3. Get a tattoo
4. Visit every continent
5. Learn to play an instrument enough for it to keep me company on rainy-alone-at-home days
6. Drive a truck
7. Do the Ireland trip with the girls
8. Complete a proper canvas painting
9.Start my own business. Preferably a shop of some sort and preferably with the girls
10. Visit all the States in India

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Stir Crazy

"....that's all! I've just been thinking about it, now i'm thinking about fractal equations, now I'm thinking about the origin of the phrase train of thought, now I'm thinking about trains... now I'm thinking about Jello, oh I'm back to trains, choo choo"   - Sheldon (yes, I would marry him)  

Thoughts flip from one topic to another at the speed of light. So of course, I'm documenting them right here. 

1. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara is undoubtedly the best chick flick of the year. So much eye candy in one movie!! It's also pretty trippy in parts ---> like the sky diving scene where they decided to play the "saare jahaan se achcha" soundtrack in the background. It's intuition, not logic!  

2. Speaking of national songs, I was watching this English film recently and as I was standing up for the national anthem I heard a girl sitting behind me say "I don't understand why they're playing the national anthem now. It's an English film, for God's sake!" ... I mean, are these people real??!

3. I've realized that I'm a very big believer of the "jinx". Whenever I think some fact of life is very important, I'm likely not to tell anyone for fear of the imminent act being jinxed. It's scary. I might stop admitting things to myself at this rate!  

4. Udaipur is a beautiful city. The rains and clouds shroud the city in this cool blanket which make it great fun to hang out! It houses one of the biggest palaces as well as one of the most vibrant small town markets! 

5 To my imaginary readers from LJ; welcome to the new improved blogspot website! :D