Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Blregh :-/

It must be a really depressing day if not even exercise in the gym with some really fantastic eye candy can make me happy.

Yes I'm back in Bombay and back to the gym. Whee! Blregh.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

From the archives: Another Essay. Another take-out. Another year.

I wrote this the day I got my admit letters. I can still feel the euphoria in the words :) Perhaps I never put it up because it reads like a Bollywood awards night thank you letter - naming random events and people and coming across as a little bit conceited :-P 
Anyhoo - This was my year - May 2012 to May 2013! 

What a year it has been! Starting with the move to Delhi, the year has gone by at breakneck speed. From learning how to manage my house to figuring out a new job, new city, new friends to completing applications and essays and forms to handling rejections and finally getting positive responses, it has been a year of extreme highs and lows.

I feel like I have spent the last year thinking about answers to supposedly deep questions and guessing how the world (or at least admissions committees) would judge me for those answers. It's been angsty, exhausting and very annoying for people who stood by me through this and I am thankful to those people for reading what I wrote, for answering my inane questions over and over and for telling me as many times I needed to hear it "you can do this! Just apply!".

What do I hope from the next year?
A little more patience - to understand that most things happen at the time they are meant to happen and always being in a hurry doesn't get me to my destination any faster.

A little more strength- to let go of dreams that can never be fulfilled and to let go of people who just don't feel the same way about me, no matter how much my gut tells me that I love them.

Fewer tears - so that I stop myself from crying at every tragedy, big or small, and learn to never let anyone or anything mess with my 'sense of self'.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Retracing familiar steps

I'm a blog stalker. Though it sounds creepy, it's a fairly mundane hobby where I visit blogs of my friends and then visit blogs of their friends... and so on. Over the years, I have some blogs that I like to visit regularly because I find their perspectives interesting or just plan entertaining. Also, there is a strange sense of comfort in knowing what other people my age, ostensibly similar to me are thinking. And of course there is the thrill of  of being the witness to someone's life without ever really knowing her/ him - just like in a novel that never ends.

Today I realized that I haven't done this in a while and followed the familiar trail over to some of the blogs. While it was nice going back and picking up the threads of their life where I had stopped reading, I was astonished that in the last year, all of them seemed to have grown up! Suddenly we're all out of college, and working and making plans or ditching plans and promising never to make plans again. Slowly we're talking about dealing with stress, about how our professions suck/ rock, about how the outside world is affecting us and in all this there is a subtle but noticeable shift in our tone. It's more sober and reasonable and somehow a lot more mundane.

I guess the characters in my never-ending-novel grew up on me when I wasn't looking.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I wish my life had background music

I've been drowning in work. And something that's helped me get through many hours is

Today I came across a playlist on the site by the same name as the title of this post and I thought hey! Yeah! I wish my life had background music! There are so many moments in a day that are funny or exuberant or tragic or full of drama, very fit for music to accompany them.

While I'm on a spree, I also wish my life had a in-slow-motion button. So I could play some moments slower than the others, really enjoy them and let the memory seep into my pores.

Why not! :D